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Buyer's Guides

Use our helpful buying guides to get started.
  • How do I determine my CFM Requirements?
  • Which is better for me: Gas or Electric powered?
  • Which do I need: Single or Two-Stage?
  • What features should I consider?
Air Compressors
  • What is biodiesel fuel?
  • What are the advantages of biodiesel fuel?
  • What equipment do I need to make biodiesel fuel?
  • Vertical or horizontal which is the right replacement?
  • How do I find the model number on my mower engine?
  • What should I consider when buying a replacement?
  • Which features are most important?
  • What type of generator do I need?
  • How many watts will my generator produce?
  • What type of fuel will I need to run my generator?
  • How much noise will my generator produce?
  • What type of heater do I need?
  • What type of fuel will I need to run my heater?
  • What size heater will I need for the area I want to heat?
Heaters + Stoves
  • What should I do before, during and after the storm?
  • What type of equipment should I purchase in preparation?
Hurricane Information + Safety Tips
    See Why NorthStar is the #1 Choice For:
  • Generators
  • Water Pumps
  • Pressure Washers
  • Sprayers
    Find helpful tips on selecting the right equipment, including:
  • Lawn Tractor Tow-Behind Accessories
  • Walk-Behind Mowers + Riding Mowers
  • Tillers + Cultivators and more!
Outdoor Power Equipment Buyer's Guide

See which products you will need to create your own beautiful backyard pond.

    Durable, quality power equipment for everyday use:
  • Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • Log Splitters
  • Chain Saws
  • What are typical uses for a power inverter?
  • Do I need an inverter or a generator?
  • How do I choose the right size inverter?
  • Do I need a true or modified sine wave inverter?
Power Inverters
  • What can I clean with a pressure washer?
  • How much PSI do I need?
  • Will I need a gas-powered or an electric pressure washer?
  • How fast will I be able to clean my item?
Pressure Washers
  • Do I need a single or two-stage snowblower?
  • Which features are most helpful?
  • Which accessories are most helpful?
Snow Blowers + Snow Throwers
  • How does solar energy work?
  • What are the benefits of solar energy?
  • How do I generate my own solar energy?
Solar Power Equipment
  • What type of sprayer will I need?
  • What are some of the common uses of sprayers?
  • What variety of chemicals can I use in my sprayer?
  • What type of spray gun should I use?
  • How can I understand more about the welding process?
  • What should I look for when choosing a welder?
  • What metal is recommended with the different types of welders?
  • What features are available for welding helmets?
  • Do I need to pull or lift something?
  • Whats my power source?
  • How heavy is the load going to be and is it a rolling load or non rolling load?
  • How will it be anchored/mounted?
  • How does a wind turbine work?
  • Are there different types of wind turbines?
  • What will I need to generate my own wind power system?
Wind Power