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Snow Blowers + Snow Throwers Buyer's Guide

Cut down the time it takes you to remove snow from around your property with a quality snow blower or snow thrower from Northern Tool + Equipment. Pick the right snow removal equipment to suit your needs.

Get the Right Snow Removal Equipment For You

Get ready for winter and all the unpredictable weather that comes with it. You've had it with shoveling snow from that 60-ft. driveway, and you're seriously considering buying a snow blower or snow thrower to tackle that vast expanse of white in front of your garage because you still want to have the time and energy to enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning paper.

  • If you need to clear up to 6in. to 10in. of snow from steps, sidewalks, a deck or smaller driveway, consider an electric snow blower or single-stage snow blower.
  • If you need to clear snow as much as 24in. high from larger paved driveways 2 or more cars wide and up to 5 cars long, definitely consider using a two-stage snow blower as your snow removal equipment.
  • Also consider the average snow accumulation in your area and the type of snow (heavy and wet or light and fluffy) you'll be removing.

Electric Snow Blowers + Snow Throwers

Electric snow blowers are often smaller and more lightweight than their gas powered counterparts, making them more maneuverable and easier to store. Other advantages of electric snow blowers are easy starting (no cords to pull), less noise, no pollution, no oil to change or mix with gasoline, and no tune-ups at the service center. You will have to contend with the limited reach of your electrical cord (which should be no more than 150 feet) and with less overall power. And watch out you don't run over the snow blowers cord!

Snow Blowers + Snow Throwers

Single-Stage Snow Blower + Snow Throwers

Single-stage snow blowers are designed for lighter duty snow removal applications such as small driveways, patios and sidewalks. Operation involves the auger rotating at a high speed to gather snow and throw it out of the shoot in one motion.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage (or dual-stage) snow blowers make two points of contact with the snow. Snow is gathered inward by slow turning augers and directed toward the high speed impeller which throws the snow out of the chute. Dual wheel drive provides maximum traction for extreme snow conditions. Two-stage snow blowers are excellent for large driveways as well as for gravel or unpaved surfaces, and they attack hard, compacted snow with ease. You also get a wider clearing path than you would with a single-stage snow blower or snow thrower.

Snow Blower Features + Accessories To Make Your Job Easier

Clearing Path - The amount of snow (width in inches) the snow blower will clear in a single pass.

Free-Flow® Discharge Chute - Rectangular design virtually eliminates clogging in wet, heavy snow, removing snow more quickly to reduce work time.

Headlight - Lets you finish the job when the sun goes down early during those short, winter days. For the ambitious, snow removal can be a 24-hour operation!

Heated Handle Grips - An added (and welcomed) comfort when you have to put in a full day of snow removal. Heated grips help prevent cold, cramped and wrinkled hands, and in some cases allow you to get by with a thinner, more comfortable glove.

Horsepower - The higher horsepower your snow blower has, the more snow it can move and the further away it can throw it.

Intake height - Don't let drifts stop you from working! A snow blowers intake height determines the size snow drift you can take on and overcome.

Push-Button Electric Start - Quick and easy starting with a push of a button.

Remote Chute Deflector - Raises and lowers the height of the deflector with one hand so you can throw snow where you want it.

Remote Chute Rotation - Rotates up to 190° so you can easily throw snow in any direction.

Single-Hand Control - Leaves your other hand free to make adjustments without stopping.

Sno-Hog™ Tires For superior traction and easier turning [than with chains].

Cut down the time it takes you to remove snow from around your property with a quality snow blower or snow thrower. Pick the right snow removal equipment to suit your needs from Northern Tool + Equipment.

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