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Heaters + Stoves: Choose Your Heating Fuel

It is important to be aware of the fuel types available near your location for heaters sold by Northern Tool + Equipment. Select a heater fuel type that can be easily acquired in your area prior to selecting a heater to purchase. This will save time and get your new heater up and running more quickly. Please review the different heater fuel types below. With many fuel types to choose from, make sure you select the right one by learning more from our heaters and stoves buyer's guide.

Efficiency and portability combine to provide quick heat from compact, stylish units. A heater designed for high performance with minimum maintenance. This heater is ideal for both indoor and outdoor home heating systems.
Portable heaters offer the option of kerosene as fuel source. Large fuel tank on some units makes them ideal for heating loading docks, warehouses and other large areas.
Fast, reliable heating for job sites, workshops and homes. An easy to operate heater that includes safety features for worry free heat operation. Propane heaters are available in many different models, which makes them popular for a variety of applications.
Diesel heaters offer portable and reliable heating. Perfect heater when and where clean temporary heat is demanded. Most are truly portable because it carries its own fuel. Diesel heaters offer instant heat; there is no startup time required. Plus they can operate in extremely cold temperatures.
Natural Gas
Natural gas is fast-operating, affordable and efficient. Choosing natural gas for your home or business offers valuable benefits for your budget, comfort and the environment. Natural gas generally costs about 20% to 50% less than the equivalent amount of electricity, oil, or propane.
Corn, Pellet + Multi-Fuel
Corn stoves offer an environment friendly heat source, burning shelled corn to warm your home while cutting heating costs. One bushel (56-lbs) can last over 19 hours. Burns more economically than liquid propane, natural gas and electricity! Save up to 80% this winter with a corn-burning stove.
Wood stoves provide efficiency and ambiance of burning wood while cutting heating costs. Some cast iron stoves burn either wood or coal, and some offer a stove top cooking surface in addition to heating comfort.
Waste Oil
Waste oil heater burns used oil to generate up to 120,000 BTU of heat for your home or business. Fight back against the high cost of fuel by burning waste oil. Plus you help the environment by recycling. These heaters have many features to ensure safe use. You save money from having your old oil taken away too!