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NorthStar Water Pump Features


All NorthStar water pumps use long-lasting, high-end silicon carbide seals that are specially suited for heavy-duty applications such as pumping contaminated and abrasive fluids. Silicon carbide seals are 2 times harder, 15% tougher, and 50% stronger that common aluminum oxide seals. Every pump has a fully welded frame with durable DuPont Black Wrinkly TGIC Polyester electrostatic finish that really holds up to jobsite abuse. NorthStar uses standard NPT threads for attachment flexibility.

  • Silicon Carbide Seals
    All NorthStar Water pumps use Silicon Carbide Seals. Silicon Carbide seals are particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as; pumping contaminated and abrasive fluids. Silicon Carbide seals are known for being long lasting high end seals. Some competitors use aluminum oxide ceramic seals. When compared to silicon carbide, Silicon Carbide is: 2 times harder, 15% tougher, 50% stronger

  • XR Series
    NorthStar's XR Series water pumps offer a large 3.5 Gallon tank. NorthStar XR Series water pumps provide more than 8 hours of continuous pumping without refueling, up to 4 times the run time of competitor's pumps.

  • Heavy Duty Frame Pulsed MIG Welded
    All NorthStar Water Pump frames use ERW ASTM A36 hot rolled steel tubing. NorthStar's 4in. Semi-Trash and 3in. High Pressure water pump frames use 1 3/8in. diameter tubing. NorthStar's XR series Semi-Trash Water pump frames use 1 1/4in. diameter tubing. The majority of our competitors use 1in. tubing. All NorthStar Water Pumps feature fully welded frames. NorthStar achieves consistent and heavy duty welds by using Pulsed MIG Welding.

  • Laser Cut Parts/Polyplated Steel
    All sheet metal parts used on NorthStar water pumps frames are cut using a state of the art CO2 laser. Laser can hold tolerances with in .001 inches (About the thickness of a human hair). All NorthStar water pump frames are coated with DuPontĀ® BlackWrinle TGIC Polyester using an electrostatic coating process. Polyester TGIC coatings utilize the epoxy functional crosslinker TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate). Use of this low molecular weight, multifunctional crosslinker enables polyester TGIC formulations to contain 90% or greater resin within the binder system. TGIC polyesters are known to have very good hardness, Corrosion protection, and chemical/solvent resistance, as well as excellent exterior durability.

  • Standard NPT Threads
    All NorthStar water pumps use Standard NPT threads. Standard NPT threads allow customers to choose from a huge assortment of attachments, couplings, and hose types.

  • Prime Holder
    All NorthStar Water Pumps utilize a check valve to hold a prime while the pump is not running.

  • Multidirectional Discharge
    All NorthStar Semi Trash water pumps have the ability to change the direction of discharge.

  • Balanced Impeller System SCD-45 Cast Iron
    All NorthStar Semi Trash water pumps have balanced FCD-45 cast iron impellers. In addition they all also feature SCD-45 cast iron volutes. Balanced impellers reduce vibration and wear on the mechanical seal and engine. The FCD-45 Cast iron material provides strength and durability.

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