Solar Panels

Solar Energy Panels and Accessories from Northern Tool + Equipment

This solar energy panel from Northern Industrial Tools charges 12 volt car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, personal watercraft or RV batteries. One can expect excellent performance even in cloudy conditions with this 15 Watt solar panel. This durable solar panel is ideal for deep cycle or multiple battery banks. For additional wattage, you may link up to 7 of these solar panels by utilizing our 7 Amp Charge Controller for your alternative power source needs. The easy to install charge controller protects batteries from overcharging/discharging along with the ability to regulate voltage when using 12V solar panels to charge batteries. Using amorphous silicon solar cells and a thin-film technology creates a very portable product that works in all light conditions. These solar kits do not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for many years. Since larger solar panels can overcharge a battery, it is recommended that one use a solar charge controller for all systems of 15 Watts and higher.

How Solar Energy Panels Work

Solar power utilizes the natural light to convert the sun's rays into usable 12V power. Converting the sun's energy to electricity involves the stimulation of a group of electrically connected cells in the panel. As displayed in figure S1, solar or photovoltaic cells are contained on a module. And modules are grouped together to make an array. Many times larger arrays are set to follow the path of the sun during the day to maximize the amount of solar energy collected. These groups of cells are made up mostly of silicon or other semiconductors, which have the ability to absorb a fraction of the light that hit these cells. A current is then created when electrons are stirred up from the energy of the captured light moving to the semiconductor. These currents are forced to flow in a certain direction, which allow for the transfer of this solar energy into usable power.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Economic Savings
  • Power in Remote Areas
  • Affordable Investment
  • Clean Energy with Zero Emissions
  • No Noise Pollution
  • Renewable Resource
  • Low Maintenance
  • Backup Power Source

Alternative Power Source Products

Solar Energy Panels - Choose from a wide variety of solar energy panels, charge controllers and voltage testers.

Solar Energy Lights - These solar-powered lights provide security and convenience to places where no electrical outlets exist by utilizing energy from the sun.

Wind Power - Ultra-quiet, wind-powered generators are ideal for cabins, 12V battery charging, remote power and back up power.

Portable Generators - Powerful and compact, these portable generators were produced with reliability and performance in mind.

Residential Standby Generators - These permanently installed standby generators are a powerful solution to power failure.

Commercial Standby Generators - Continue operations when the electrical grid is down with these commercial standby generators.