Northern Tool Corn Stove FAQ's

What are the Overall dimensions of the stove?
Width: 26.5 inches
Depth: 31.5 inches
Height: 33.5 inches

What are the dimensions of the base on the stove?
Width: 24.9 inches
Depth: 24.4 inches

What is the size of the door?
Width: 15.7 inches
Height: 10.2 inches

What is the size of the window in the door and what it is made of?
Width: 10.5 inches
Height: 8 inches
Thickness: .197 inches
Made of Robax transparent glass-ceramic. 1400F max temp.

What material is the stove made of?
Stainless steel firepot and tumbler. The frame and panels are made of steel.

Is there any difference between the 173780 & 173781?
The 173780 is the standard black stove.
The 173781 is the upgrade gold stove which has 24K gold plated door and trim. The gold trim is the only difference.

How do you start the corn stove?
You must light a small fire, just like you would in a regular fireplace. You can use a firestarter (made of compressed wood) or use small pieces of regular wood. The stove will start working once the fire gets hot enough.

What form of corn can I burn?
The stove burns dried, shelled feed corn only. Not wood pellets. Not pop-corn!

Where can I buy shelled feed corn?
Feed corn is available from farmers, elevators, feed stores. Buy in bulk or bagged. Bulk is the better value.

Oyster Shells?
It's recommended that a handful of crushed oyster shells should be mixed with each load of corn to help the stove burn cleaner. These should be available at any feed store.

How many lbs. will the hopper hold?
It will hold 100 lbs. of corn.

How long will the stove burn on two 50-lb. bags of corn?
37 hours on lowest heat setting (20000 BTU)
13 hours on highest heat setting (55000 BTU)

What are the wall, floor and ceiling clearances required or recommended?
The stove is approved for safe operation with 1 inch clearance from side and back walls. However, the stove should be placed at least 24 inches from side walls so controls can be accessed and side panels can be opened for servicing.

What type of venting system do I need to install?
The customer needs to install two pipes. One for fresh air intake and another for hot exhaust. Both pipes need to extend outside the building. The intake pipe can be purchased locally. The exhaust pipe is type "L" pellet vent pipe. It is similar to the type used for venting gas hot water heaters and furnaces. However, the interior wall is stainless steel. This piping will be available through Northern in the near future.

Does the stove have a blower or is one available for it?
The corn stove has two blowers.
Exhaust Blower: blows hot exhaust fumes out the vent pipe.
Room Blower: circulates room air through the stove and blows hot air back out into the room.
The stove is designed to stop safely if the exhaust blower or room blower malfunction.

Why do you need to plug in the stove?
The corn stove actually has four operating motors. They operate the following features: the auger that feeds the corn to the firepot, the tumbler that turns the corn inside the firepot, the fan that blows the hot air into the room and finally, the fan that blows the exhaust outside the house through the pipe. The stove plugs into a standard 115V, 15A outlet. The power cord is 8ft. long.

Where on unit is the adjustable heat settings located?
Located on the left side of the machine. Centered on the side panel.

What surface can I install the stove on?
The stove needs to sit on a non-combustible floor protector.

I own a mobile home. Can I still install a Northern Corn Stove?
Yes. The Northern Corn Stove is approved for installation in a mobile home.

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