Battery Chargers

Powerful, Portable Battery Chargers From Northern Tool + Equipment

Cash or charge? It's up to you — keep forking out piles of cash for new batteries, or charge 'em up and re-use them again and again with powerful, portable battery chargers from Northern Tool. Dead batteries? Weak batteries? Whatever the problem! We only carry battery chargers with brawn, built to jump start, power up and sometimes even resurrect all types and sizes of lead acid batteries, without overcharging. Even when they haven't been used in months!

We think you'll jump at the chance to choose from a wide range of battery chargers including car battery chargers for your automotive battery, 12-volt battery chargers, solar battery chargers and more. Lightweight and easy to use, they're your portable power source for “starts-when-you-need-it” confidence, extended battery life, and POW-erful performance. Some models even let you charge multiple batteries simultaneously. Best of all, many battery chargers from Northern Tool feature desulfation circuitry. This helps wipe out a batteries' #1 power-robbing problem — sulfation, or the process whereby a lead-acid battery lacks the ability to hold a charge.

Quality Battery Chargers From Vector, Schumacher, CarStart, Xantrex And More

Get a charge out of your Northern Tool battery charger for all your battery-operated tools, machines, ATVs, personal watercrafts, boats, motorcycles, small vehicles and RVs, and even full-size cars, SUVs, and pickups. For fleet/industrial use, pick heavy-duty Schumacher battery chargers with a variety of charging rates and engine-start features. Jump on the CarStart battery chargers for add-ons like a handy flashlight or air compressor. Or get a Xantrex battery charger to jump start everything from your power drill to your pick up truck.

Just Say "Charge It" With Battery Charger Accessories From Northern Tool + Equipment

Long live your battery operated tools and equipment with battery charger accessories from Northern Tool. Clamp on to some Cables Booster Cables with ergonomic handles that are easy to use and impact resistant.