Wagner TR2 Airless Dual Tip .517, Model# 692-517
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Wagner TR2 Airless Dual Tip .517, Model# 692-517

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The Wagner TR2 Airless Dual Tip has two tips combined in one to deliver both speed and control. Offers greater working flexibility with a wide and narrow fan pattern. Great on the building site as well as in the workshop. Delivers speed for the highest rate of application and control for precise painting. Easy assembly to upgrade your airless gun to the latest state-of-the-art technology. U.S.A.

What's Included

  • (1) TR2 airless paint sprayer tip assembly

Features + Benefits

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  • .017 orifice for most latex paints
  • Reversible tips allows for cleaning plugged tips easily and quickly
  • Two sintered tungsten carbide tip cores, arranged one above the other, ensure a long life for the tip

    Narrow tip
  • Produces narrow fan pattern (3in.– 4in.) with a small orifice opening
  • Best control
  • Low overspray
  • Precise application
  • Ideal for trim jobs

    Wide tip
  • Produces wide fan pattern (10in.–12in.) with a large orifice opening
  • Best surface coverage
  • Highest speed
  • Greatest time savings

Key Specs

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Ship Weight0.2 lbs
ApplicationSprayer tip
Common UsageTrim jobs
Works WithMost latex and oil-based paint
Compatible WithWagner airless paint sprayers

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Wagner TR2 Airless Dual Tip .517, Model# 692-517 The price is $34.99.
Wagner TR2 Airless Dual Tip .517, Model# 692-517
(Not Yet Rated - New)
Item# 24774
In Stock Online
Only $34.99
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