Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Pond Bacteria — 8-Oz. Pk., Model# MZ8
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Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Pond Bacteria — 8-Oz. Pk., Model# MZ8

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Macro-Zyme Pond Bacteria is the eco-friendly approach to reducing and reversing seasonal buildup of sludge in ponds and the associated nutrient levels and foul pond odors. With over 3 billion CFU's per gram, once added, the bacteria quickly go to work consuming organic material such as grass clippings, animal waste, fertilizer and chemical waste, dead plant material, and other pond-bottom accumulations. If this organic material is left untreated, it will begin to fill in your pond and can create poor living conditions for fish and other pond inhabitants. It can also cause excessive aquatic plant growth. By adding Macro-Zyme every 3 weeks when water temperatures are above 55°F (and with pH levels 5.5-8.5) you can experience a rapid reduction in foul pond odor and the decrease in nutrient-rich, organic material at the bottom of your pond. Macro-Zyme is a facultative anaerobic bacteria, so it works with or without oxygen. However, it is up to 5 times faster if adequate oxygen is present, so it is perfect with any Kasco aeration or fountain equipment

What's Included

  • (1) Macro-Zyme pond bacteria pack

Features + Benefits

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  • Increases decomposition, removes sludge, reduces odors, clears water and helps restore healthy oxygen levels
  •  Non-pathogenic and non-toxic, safe for humans, wildlife, and livestock
  •  Dry product is highly concentrated and is easy to ship, store, and apply
  •  No objectionable odors, no irrigation restrictions, no permit needed to apply
  •  Farm ponds, water gardens, retention ponds, wastewater lagoons, septic systems, irrigation ponds, and swimming ponds/recreational areas all benefit from Macrozyme
  •  Comes in a water-soluble bag for easy application and the elimination of measurement
  •  Dosage is 1 pound per acre-foot (one acre, one foot deep) or in smaller systems 1 ounce per thousand gallons

Key Specs

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Ship Weight1.0 lbs
Compatible With1/2 acre-ft. pond
Treatment Capacity (gal.)162,825
Includes (qty.)(1) Packet
Working Temperature55–110 F
Environmentally FriendlyYes

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Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Pond Bacteria — 8-Oz. Pk., Model# MZ8 The price is $12.99.
Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Pond Bacteria — 8-Oz. Pk., Model# MZ8
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Item# 1087
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Compatible With Small ponds 1/2 acre-ft. pond 1/4 acre-ft. pond Large ponds 1/4 acre-ft. pond
Treatment Period Treats up to 6 months - - Treats up to 30 days Treats up to 6 months
Treatment Capacity (gal.) 1,000 162,825 - 1,000,000 -
Includes (qty.) (2) Packs (1) Packet (1) Packet (1) Sphere 24 Packets
Working Temperature - 55–110 F - 34°F–110°F -
Material Type Barley bundle - Dye Plastic sphere filled w/enzymes and bacteria Dry blend of enzymes/bacteria
Environmentally Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes