Extech Instruments Home Inspection Kit, Model# M0280-KH
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Extech Instruments Home Inspection Kit, Model# M0280-KH

Item# 163943
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Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 months parts / 12 months labor

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The Extech MO280-KH is a Home Inspector Kit and is specifically designed for home inspection professionals. This kit includes four powerful tools designed to aid in identification of moisture, HVAC, electrical and hot water system issues. The first tool is an MO280 pinless moisture meter designed for non-invasive moisture measurements which means you leave virtually no surface damage. With this moisture meter you can measure ten different wood types and measures .75in. below the surface for accurate measurements. Its LCD display reads in percentages and features a hold button. The 42500 is a mini infrared thermometer with a measurement range from -4 to 500°F. The 42500 features a built in laser pointer, large LCD display, Auto power off, Automatic data hold and a fixed .95 emissivity which means it covers 90% of all surfaces. The 39240 is a waterproof digital stem thermometer. This stem thermometer is pocket-sized and features a 2.75in. stainless steel stem. The meter measures between -40 and 392°F and has a number of functions including Max/Min recall, data hold, and auto power off. The last home inspection tool is the ET10 GFCI receptacle tester which tests for faulty wiring in three wire receptacles. The ET10 utilizes LED indicator lights to quickly identify the circuit's condition. The MO280-KH is supplied in a storage case that holds all of the tools.

What's Included

  • (1) Pinless moisture meter
  • (1) Infrared thermometer
  • (1) Waterproof stem thermometer
  • (1) Outlet tester
  • (1) Canvas storage case

Features + Benefits

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  • Professional kit includes testers for home and building inspection
  • Pinless moisture meter spots water problems in drywall, plaster and other building materials, sensing moisture up to 3/4in. deep
  • Infrared thermometer measures surface temperature from -4°F to 500°F without contact and has laser for precise aiming for measurements
  • Waterproof stem thermometer for quick checks on hot water supplies and room temperatures
  • Outlet tester identifies faulty wiring in 3-wire outlets and tests GFCI circuit breakers
  • Canvas storage case

Key Specs

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Ship Weight3.0 lbs
ApplicationHome, building inspections
MeasuresMoisture, surface temp, hot water supplies, room temperatures
Case IncludedYes
SensesMoisture up to 3/4 in. deep -4°–500°F

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Manufacturer Warranty:
12 months parts / 12 months labor

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Extech Instruments Home Inspection Kit, Model# M0280-KH The price is $239.99.
Extech Instruments Home Inspection Kit, Model# M0280-KH
(Not Yet Rated - New)
Item# 163943
In Stock Online
Only $239.99
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Application Continuity tester, electrician, cable tv, audio system, alarm tech, HVAC, auto repair tech, homeowner Appliance repair, electrical installation, home inspection Installation, repair of electrical systems Residential, commercial, industrial Home, building inspections
Measures Visual, audible indicators Multimeter: AC & DC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity, diode, battery test Capacitance, frequency, temperature, voltage AC/DC, current AC/DC, duty cycle, diode test, continuity/resistance - Moisture, surface temp, hot water supplies, room temperatures
Case Included - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Senses Continuity of 2 conductors from a distance Outlet tester: open grounds, open neutrals, reversed hot, neutral - - Moisture up to 3/4 in. deep -4°–500°F