Strong Hand Tools Sliding Arm Clamp — 12.5in., Model# UM125
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Strong Hand Tools Sliding Arm Clamp — 12.5in., Model# UM125

Item# 165343

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Save time and money with the quick-acting Strong Hand® line of Clamps, Magnets, and Pliers. Each innovative Strong Hand Clamp is specifically designed to be quick-acting, so you save valuable work set-up time. Built with heat-treated steel and nickel/chrome plating for strength and durability.

What's Included

  • (1) Sliding arm clamp

Features + Benefits

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  • The economical 4-in-1 Clamp adapts to serve four different functions: 1. Standard Clamping 2. Pipe Clamping 3. Spreader Clamping 4. Step-Over Clamping
  • The 4-in-1 clamp features the removable / reversible clamp arm and a threaded hole in the jaw for the addition of the unique V-Pad and Extender Block Accessories
  • 1 Clamp ... 4 Functions!
  • For standard clamping, the 4-in-1 clamp is 10X faster than a C-Clamp!
  • The Sliding Arm quickly slides into position against your workpiece
  • The Sliding Arm is 10X faster than turning a threaded screw on a C-clamp.
  • For pipe clamping, add the V-Pad accessory through the threaded hole in the jaw
  • The V-Pad adjusts to hold round, flat, and angled stock
  • For Spreader Clamping, remove and reverse the clamp arm and add the Extender Block accessory beneath the clamp jaw
  • Use the clamp to push in opposite directions, against two surfaces in a spreading application
  • For step-over clamping: add the extender block on top of the jaw for use as a step-over block
  • Now you can reach around tall lips or other obstacles, to securely clamp.
  • These 4-in-1 Clamps are made of heat treated steel and nickel chrome plated for strength and durability
  • 4-in-1 Clamp Kit comes with the 12-1/2in. utility clamp, 1 V-pad, and 1 extender block
  • Capacity: 12-1/2in.
  • Rail Size: 1-3/16in. x 9/16in.
  • Clamping pressure: 2,400-lbs.
  • Throat depth: 5-1/2in.
  • Tapped Hole in Jaw: 3/8in. - 16in.

Key Specs

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Ship Weight8.0 lbs
Product StyleSliding arm clamp
Throat Depth (in.)5 1/2
MaterialHeat-treated steel
Finish TypeNickel/chrome
Length (in.)12 1/2
Clamp Pressure (lbs.)2,400
Pieces (qty.)1

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Strong Hand Tools Sliding Arm Clamp — 12.5in., Model# UM125 The price is $74.98.
Strong Hand Tools Sliding Arm Clamp — 12.5in., Model# UM125
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Item# 165343
In Stock Online
Only $74.98
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Product Style Welding clamps Angle joining tool Welding angle clamp Sliding arm clamp -
Throat Depth (in.) - 3 2 3/8 5 1/2 -
Material Steel Steel Cast iron Heat-treated steel Heat-treated steel
Finish Type Matte Chrome Painted Nickel/chrome Nickel/chrome
Degree of Angle ( ° ) - 90 90 - -
Length (in.) 8, 9, and 11 8 13 12 1/2 -
Opening (in.) - 4 4 - -
Jaw Length (in.) - - 5 - 4 13/16
Clamp Pressure (lbs.) - - - 2,400 -
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) - - 13 x 13 x 3 1/2 - -
Pieces (qty.) 3 1 1 1 -