Northern Industrial Tools Electric Hoist — 220/440-Lb. Capacity
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Northern Industrial Tools Electric Hoist — 220/440-Lb. Capacity

Item# 14226
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Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 months parts / 12 months labor

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Product Summary

The Northern Industrial Tools 440-lb. Load Capacity (double line) Electric Hoist is great for lifting engines, tables, lumber, shop equipment and a whole range of other products. No need to climb a ladder and crank a lever with this hoist; you can remain on the ground to control operations. Includes rocker-style remote control, 47ft. cable with cable guard, stopper and hook with safety latch.

What's Included

  • (1) Electric hoist
  • (1) Switch handle
  • (1) Hook
  • (1) Mounting kit

Versatility to Handle Tough Jobs

Handy at Home or in the Field

From hanging deer or small game for processing to lifting bikes, snowblowers and other equipment, this hoist is always right at home wherever you need it.

Provides an Extra Lift in the Service Shop

With its available 440-lb. lifting capacity, this powerful hoist is ideal for raising lawn mowers for servicing, pulling small engines, moving light equipment and a variety of other tasks that take the lifting burden off the operator's back.

Masterful at Material Handling

Big or bulky loads? Tricky trajectories? No worries! This compact powerhouse can be configured in a variety of different ways to get the job done. From transporting freight from point A to point B to hoisting firewood up a story or two in your home or completing other small projects, this unit is ready to help out.

A Natural Deck Hand

At the marina or near the water, this hoist shines. From lifting a canoe or small aluminum boat into a boathouse (2 hoists may be required for this maneuver) to hang-storing watersports accessories or even pulling a compact I/O engine, this hoist is onboard to help get the job done.

A Star Performer in the Live Theater/Fine Arts

Install it on a moving trolley to lift props onto platforms, help construct sets and much more. This hoist can even be used as a temporary mounting solution for lightweight hanging props, allowing you to quickly and easily change sets between acts and keep the production flowing smoothly.

Loaded with Features

Space-Saving Design Goes Almost Anywhere

The incredibly compact unit weighs just 31 lbs., yet still packs a powerful punch. And with a sleek 13.5in.L x 5.25in.W x 7in.H overall size, this hoist will fit in some really tight spots. Two channel mount brackets are designed for easy flush mounting on a beam with a maximum depth of 2 1/2in., so it will fit on most beams in standard construction. And to top it off, the hoist is powered by any standard 115V outlet.

Dual Capacities to Match Your Needs

This unit can be configured with the included double line up to 18ft. long for a 440-lb. capacity with double hook ends, or if you need some extra length, converting to a single hook single line will reach up to 36ft. and still deliver 220-lb. capacity. At a retrieval rate of 16 1/2ft. per minute, the double line is twice as fast as the single line.

Safer Anti-Twist Cable

The 47ft.L x 1/8in. dia. cable resists twisting during use, not only making it easier to let out or retract, but also enhancing safety. The worries of a heavy suspended load twisting dangerously in the air are drastically minimized.

Long Cord Adds Distance & Safety

The 57in. remote cord offers not only the convenience of operating the hoist from over 4 3/4ft. away from the machine (often the difference between operating from the ground or climbing a ladder), but also the peace-of-mind knowing that the hanging load is now kept a safe distance away from the operator.

Loaded with features
Built to last

Built to Last & Ready to Work

Powerfully Safe & Simple Motor

Power up with a rugged 110 Volt, single-phase, 3/4 HP motor with simple pushbutton on/off/raise/lower control. Built-in thermal protection prevents overheating, even during the most strenuous applications.

Impressive Duty Cycle

This unit features an S3 20% — 10-minute duty cycle, allowing you to raise/lower loads on the hoist continuously for 2 minutes before an 8-minute inactive recovery period is required. The hoist effectively holds the load right where you suspended it during the recovery period.

Clockwork-Smooth Gearing

It's almost hard to believe that something this durable can also operate so smoothly! The rugged gears are constructed of 45-lb. steel for exceptional strength, while the gearbox comes fully lubricated with industrial grease for silky-smooth operation.

Safety First

Worry-Free Hand-Held Control

Easily operate the hoist while remaining a safe distance away (up to 57in.), stopping or starting the lift or descent using the hand-held rocker-style control.

Holds the Load, Even Without Power

Should the power happen to go out right in the middle of a lift or drop, the effects of a couple hundred pound load toppling straight to the ground could be tragic. But you can breathe easy knowing this hoist has a built-in safety braking mechanism that will continue to hold a load, even if all power is lost. The dual brake system utilizes an electric brake system, plus the certainty of a mechanical brake whenever you need it — with or without power — ensuring that you maintain complete stopping control in EVERY situation.

Protected Against Dust and Water

The hoist is designed to seal out dirt, dust, water and other harmful corrosives to keep it running smoothly and extend working life. The unit complies with IP54 and IP65 standards, reducing the safety risks in inclement conditions.

Safety first
1 Year Warranty

Lift with Confidence

Expert Answers Are Available

Northern Tool + Equipment is here to help you succeed. Our field-trained, dedicated team of experts is ready to help — call or email and you’ll get a prompt response.

The Northern Industrial Tools Advantage

The Northern Industrial Tools heavy-duty electric hoist is built to last and perform. But to give you extra peace of mind, we stand behind our product with a 1-year limited warranty.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Shop in complete confidence, knowing that Northern Tool + Equipment protects your investment and is ready to provide you with the assistance and helpful resources you need.

Features + Benefits

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Features for Northern Industrial Tools Electric Hoist — 220/440-Lb. Capacity
  • Hz: 60
  • RPMs: 1725
  • On/Off switch
  • Power-up, power-down, and brake
  • Auto stop feature automatically applies brakes to secure the load if power is lost
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Remote: 5 ft. 4 in.
  • Cord: 57in.
  • Cable reel is metal
  • Hand switch is plastic
  • Four holes on top and 2 two-hole straps in half circle shape that can be used in mount hole and then unit is installed on bar
  • 40% Duty cycle
  • Brackets: 5.25in. x 3.75in.

Key Specs

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Ship Weight31.0 lbs
Single Line Lift Capacity (lbs.)220
Double Line Lift Capacity (lbs.)440
Lift Height (ft.)36 (single), 18 (double)
Lifting Speed (FPM)33 (single), 16 1/2 (double)
Cable Length (ft.)39
Cable Diameter (in.)1/8
Duty Cycle (min.)S3 20%–10min.
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)13 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 7

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Extended Warranty

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Manufacturer Warranty:
12 months parts / 12 months labor

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110 110 110 110  
4.5 8 15.00 17  
Single Line Lift Capacity (lbs.) 220 550 750 1,000  
Double Line Lift Capacity (lbs.) 440 1,100 1,500 2,000  
3/4 1 3/4 2.0 2 1/4  
Lift Height (ft.) 36 (single), 18 (double) 36 (single), 18 (double) 36–single line, 18–double line 36–single line, 18–double line  
Lifting Speed (FPM) 33 (single), 16 1/2 (double) 33 (single), 16 1/2 (double) 33 minimum–single line, 16 1/2 minimum–double line 33 minimum–single line, 16 1/2 minimum–double line  
Cable Length (ft.) 39 40 39 39  
Cable Diameter (in.) 1/8 5/32 in. 5/32 7/32  
Duty Cycle (min.) S3 20%–10min. S3 20%–10min. S3 20%–10min. S3 20%–10min.  
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)
13 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 7 16 x 6 x 8 1/2 16 x 6 3/10 x 9 4/5 19 3/4 x 7 9/10 x 11