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Wirefeed Welding

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Wirefeed Welding

Wirefeed Welders
Wirefeed Welders
Wirefeed Welding Accessories
Wirefeed Welding Accessories

The Northern Industrial Welders Advantage

Northern Industrial Welders Equip You to Do More for Less

With a Northern Industrial Welder, you have the power to tackle dozens of projects and save money while doing it. Northern Industrial Welders are known for their performance, ease of use and incredible value. With a long list of convenient features plus extensive technical support, Northern Industrial Welders put top-quality results within reach.

Stick/Arc Welders

  • Can be used anywhere, even in wind
  • Works on dirty or rusty metal
  • Penetrates deeper than other welding methods
  • Capable of welding aluminum
  • Wirefeed Welders

  • Faster and cleaner than Stick/Arc
  • Flux Core and MIG processes
  • Easy process to learn
  • MIG Welders are capable of welding aluminum
  • Multiprocess Welders

  • Unmatched versatility
  • Combine Stick/Arc, Flux Core and MIG processes in one machine
  • Some Include a spoolgun for easy aluminum welding
  • Optional torch available for TIG Welding
  • Welder Generators

  • Uses Stick/Arc welding process
  • Gas-powered engine provides ultimate in portability
  • On-Board generator powers welder and other appliances
  • Flat-free tires for durability
  • Plasma Cutters

  • Cuts any Conductive Metal
  • Safer than Oxyacetylene cutting – uses only compressed air
  • Quick, clean cut with minimal warping
  • Precise cutting with less set-up
  • Welding Buyer's Guide

  • Find out which welder best suites your needs
  • Top Brands in Wirefeed Welding