Wattage Calculator

Use this wattage calculator to determine your energy needs for power inverters, electrical power generation or off-the-grid solar and wind power-generating systems.

Average Daily Loads for Common Appliances and Tools

Add the total watts from each piece of equipment you may want to run/start at the same time. The wattage requirements below are estimates. The actual wattage required for your appliances may vary from what's listed. Check your appliances for actual wattage required.
* These appliances may require 3 to 7 times the listed wattage when starting.
EquipmentQuantityRunning WattsHours/day Watt Hours/day
Kitchen Appliances
Coffee Pot (10 Cup)
Coffee Pot (4 Cup)
Home Appliances
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Fan (3-speed, 12in.)
Hair Dryer
Space Heater
Water Heater
*Well Pump (1/2 HP)
*Sump Pump (1/2 HP)
*Air Conditioner 7,000-10,000 BTU
Home Electronics
TV (32in.)
DVD player
Clock Radio
Computer (Desktop w/ Monitor)
Computer (Laptop)
Game Console
Light Bulb
Light Bulb (Compact)
1/4in. Drill
3/8in. Drill
1/2in. Drill
Jig Saw
Band Saw
Table Saw
6 1/2in. Circular Saw
7 1/4in. Circular Saw
8 1/4in. Circular Saw
Disc Sander
Other EquipmentQuantityRunning WattsHours/day Watt Hours/day
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Reliance Amwatt Appliance Load Tester
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