NorthStar Log Splitter Features

NorthStar log splitters combine horsepower, splitting force and hydraulic pressure that take the work out of splitting logs into firewood. NorthStar Log Splitters include a number of features that make them an exceptional value:

  • Log Cradles
    All NorthStar Log Splitters are equipped with log Cradles. Log cradles center the log on the wedge and prevent logs from rolling off the beam.

  • 2 Stage Pump
    All NorthStar Log Splitters are equipped with 2 Stage pumps. A 2-stage pump delivers high flow, low pressure when there is no resistance and low flow, high pressure when traveling through a tough log. 2 stage pumps decrease cycle times by increasing flow when extra power is not needed. 2 stage pumps allow the log splitter to achieve the same pressures as a single stage pump with less horsepower.

  • Horizontal Shaft Engine
    All NorthStar Pressure washers use horizontal shaft engines. Horizontal shaft engines are general purpose engines and engineered for significantly longer lives (Up to 5 times the life of vertical shaft engines.)

  • 4-Way Wedge
    Patented 4-way wedge system (Most advanced splitting system on the market) splits logs 3 times faster than conventional single-blade splitters. Bolts on to wedge with just 5 bolts (included) on NorthStar log splitters Item #s 1108, 1109 and 1114. Wedge system is constructed from one solid piece AISI 1040 carbon steel. Multi Patented splitting system. (Wedge, Stripper and Log Splitter all carry patens.). Unique only to NorthStar's patented Wedge System: Log alignment and locking feature: Controls and captures the log during splitting. Maintains a consistent split log after log. Slots cast into the wedge design reduce friction and increase the performance. Unique curvature designed into NorthStar's wedge system increases the performance and decreases the force required to split a log. The curvature reduces the surface area initially in contact with the log allowing for the wedge to penetrate logs more easily. Wedge simply performs better than a traditional flat wedge.

  • Auto Idle/Throttle Control
    NorthStar's 30 and 37 ton Log Splitters have an Auto Idle/ Throttle control feature. Idle control provides the following benefits: saves fuel, extends the life of your engine, and reduces noise.

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