NorthStar Air Compressor Features

NorthStar Air Compressors have the power and capacity to work hard on jobs of any size. Belt-driven air compressors are built with heavy-duty cast iron cylinders and pump sleeves for long service life. Gas-powered compressors feature quality Honda engines with low oil shutdown. Portable compressors have easy-rolling pneumatic tires so nothing slows you down on the jobsite.

  • Cast Iron Cylinder with Aluminum Head
    All NorthStar Compressor Pumps have a full cast iron cylinder for long life as well as an aluminum pump head, which allows for superior heat dissipation.

  • After Coolers
    All NorthStar Air compressor pumps are equipped with after coolers. After coolers remove moisture and cool the air leaving the compressor pump. This greatly extends the life of the air compressor and any tools being used. Most competition compressors don't have after coolers.

  • Pressure Regulator
    All Portable NorthStar Air compressors are equipped with pressure regulators. Regulator allows the customer to set the desired output pressure and reduces the possibility of damaging air tools due to over pressurization.

  • Thicker Top Plate
    NorthStar Electric and Portable Gas Powered Air Compressors use 3/16in. hot rolled ASTM A36 steel for mounting the engine/motor and compressor pump. NorthStar's 30+ gallon Gas Powered Air Compressors use1/4” hot rolled ASTM A36 steel for mounting the engine and compressor pump.

  • Liquid filled Gauges
    All NorthStar Air compressors use liquid filled gauges. Liquid filled gauges are protected against vibration and pressure spikes. This keeps the gauge more accurate and increases life of the gauge.

  • Metal Belt Guards
    All NorthStar Air Compressors are equipped with an all metal belt guard. NorthStar's all metal belt guards have proven to be tough and durable. Many of our competitors use plastic or thin wire belt guards.

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